Child Labor- Persuasive Essay

November 21, 2008


Child Labor

Should there be child labor? This question is one of the most frequently asked questions when talking about issues in today’s world. Many people believe that child labor is dangerous and inhumane. Studies show, however, that today there are still millions of children that are forced into child labor. There are mainly three reasons while I think that child labor should be stopped. Their jobs can go from to working in a factory, to being used for military purposes, to being abused and sexually offended for the benefit of others; even though these children are being used to help parents and families earn money and support the family, they are harmed and are worked to death. The second reason why I think that child labor should be stopped is because many times working condition are terrible and filthy, resulting in the child’s health deteriorating. The third reason for stopping child labor is because I feel that the children do not get to grow up being children and having the benefits that children have. 

I feel that a main reason for stopping child labor would be the brutality of it. Few people actually realize the scale that child labor occurs. Millions of children every day are forced into the reality of child labor. Of equal importance, children are subjected to inhumane tasks that can harm them; such as, garbage pickup, military work and mining; others are forced into factory work, while still others are forced into military purposes. While some may earn a little bit of money for their families, most are subjected to the harsh reality of little or no pay.  

The second reason why I think that child labor should be prevented would be that they are subjected to filthy working conditions that can deteriorate their health. Many have rotted-out teeth from being too poor to even own a tooth brush, others live in harsh conditions that are unhealthy. When children are subjected to work areas such as mining, they hardly see daylight because of long work shifts and being so far down. All of the particles get in their lungs and give the children a hard time breathing. In child labor kids get filthy black most of the time don’t have ways to get clean.  

The third reason why I think child labor should be prevented is because the children subjected to child labor don’t get to grow up as children. They have to work at hard jobs all the time and they never get to experience the benefit of being a child. Sure they play with their broken and rundown toys they find; however, they never get to experience childhood and the carefree life that children are able to live.

            Now that we have examined why child labor should be prohibited, try to take a course of action against it. Imagine if everyone made it one of their priorities to help stop child labor; however, thinking about banning child labor doesn’t help anyone. Try to take the next step to ban child labor. Should there be child labor?


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